JSTOR: an electronic archive from 1665

J. Taylor


Back in the last century (just over a year ago, actually), reading an original copy of a paper published in The Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions or Proceedings journals in, say, the 18th century required a visit to a library, probably by appointment and certainly with considerable inconvenience. Now, through JSTOR (an acronym for ‘journal storage’) scholars are able to call up the full text of papers to their desktops, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the comfort of their university libraries, offices and homes. The archive begins with the first issue of Philosophical Transactions published on 6 March 1665 and runs through to the December 1996 issues of the modern journals. This totals about 700 000 pages, all of which are completely browsable, searchable and retrievable. Each year a further 12 months of publishing will be added to the archive. Meanwhile, the Society's own electronic archive facilities record the papers published from January 1997 to date.

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